Maximum Nature in Every Product

When we say truly natural cosmetic products, we mean the maximum amount of nature that can be put in one package. It would be ideal if pets could tell us exactly what they need, which preparation they feel like using, which oil would help them, and which specific fragrance they prefer.


Then we would take them to an endless field with an abundance of plants, where we would pick the right plants for them, grind them, extract, filter, mix and bottle.

Since this is not the case, we have spent years studying the botanical research studies, the effects of and the relationships between the oils and the extracts on the skin and fur in order to be able to give pets the best that nature can give.

The Recipe for Success – Be Generous

 Our products contain natural ingredients, some of which are organic, with all the vitamins and minerals required to nourish and nurture the skin and fur. To get results, we take care to combine an especially high concentration of active ingredients. Each type of oil has dozens of active ingredients suited to a variety of purposes such as disinfecting, or storing moisture. In each oil, these ingredients appear in different concentrations. High concentration must be used to ensure maximum results.

The essential oils are the main basis of our products, so their quality is what largely determines the product’s advantage. Therefore, while we select our oils, we attribute a great deal of importance to the composition, fragrance, and nature of the oil, and how it was grown. We purchase the oils and extracts from the best manufacturers in the world. Moreover, we consistently check the analyses of each shipment, and periodically conduct stringent laboratory tests to corroborate the composition and concentration of the oils. Each selected supplier and each oil chosen must adhere to standards. Most of our oils are imported from Europe.
Our oils are pure and are undisputedly of the highest quality. Some of the oils are organic and adhere to the required standards. We do not use oils that have been diluted with inferior oils.


We are environmentally friendly. There is no other way.

 The choice to live healthily touches many aspects of our lives, be it the food we eat or the products we use - our pets and us. It is impossible to manufacture natural products without protecting the environment. We work towards a cleaner environment and recycle our raw materials packages made of plastic, glass or aluminum. After all, when we treat the Earth with respect, we stand stronger on it, eat healthier, live healthier, and what more do you need? Natural cosmetics have real results.

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