Arava has invested a great deal to study the research, development, and clinical trials pertaining to the healing effects minerals have on the skin. Clinical trials that were independently authorized and published in scientific journals prove the invigorating effects that minerals and plant-based products have on a wide variety of skin and hair problems.


An important part of the company’s mission is to learn about and apply the research and development findings, which are based on four main areas:.

Veterinary research 

Lengthy longitudinal studies about skin and fur problems in animals in general and pets in particular, and the harmful effects of chemical substances in the various treatments in general and the irreversible damages of pesticides in particular.


Basic research

To improve our understanding of how minerals work, and their contribution to improved function, texture and appearance of the skin and the immense impact they have on fur health.

The application

of numerous botanical studies in order to get maximal physical and curative benefits out of the various components in essential oils, base oils and extracts.


spa and therapeutical treatment products focusing on diverse technologies to rejuvenate the skin and fur and to slow aging, which have become an inseparable part of Arava’s variety of products.


Arava develops and manufactures pet products, and it is the only one in its field found in its natural environment – the Dead Sea. Arava works toward exposing the secret of how minerals have a rejuvenating effect on skin and fur. Our scientific approach helps us attain unrivaled expertise in the field. Moreover, we have translated our in-depth knowledge base into a superior product line for skin and fur care, based strictly on the rich natural treasures of this enchanted area and on the oils and extracts produced from plants and trees that grow all over the world.


Arava’s second objective is to learn the rich language of fur and skin. As living organs, they receive information and stimuli from the external world and communicate with it via responses that help them protect, treat and clean themselves, to maintain their moisture levels, and to combat aging. Minerals have an exceptional ability to act as “intercellular messengers” that transmit information and positively influence health and essential activity.

At Arava, we are committed to continue to learn and apply the wonders of this important biological phenomenon in our efforts to create the best pet products in the world based on Dead Sea minerals.


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