Arava Pet Spa Products from the Dead Sea has developed a unique line of pet health & wellness products that we believe will have an important place in the world pets' care, treat and grooming market and will provide our partners and distributors advanced positions in theirs country in this type of business.


All our products are created from a unique formula, based on many years of experience and professional knowledge on human dermatology and cosmetology with those special minerals as well as botanical research, with natural oils and essence.


We provide our customers with all necessary documents and certificates. ( According to the law in Israel regarding pets, only products with indication of pesticide are committed with the approval of the Veterinary Services in the Ministry of Agriculture).


ARAVA products are manufactured at a factory that has been approved by ISO 9001-2000 and is in the GMP certificate process.


The exclusive products of Arava Pet Spa Products from the Dead Sea are efficiency approved and licensed.


At this time we are seeking worldwide cooperation for our products.


Due to the very special nature of the ingredients of our products we will be happy to provide samples and complete details with the start of negotiations.


The potential marketer or distributor should:

  • Have knowledge in legal, logistics and tax spheres related to import, distribution and sales of pet products.
  • Provide ARAVA with information on the existing distribution network.
  • Have experience in promotion of pet products.
  • Have experience in import of pet products in his country.
  • Have already working distribution network for delivery of products to sales points.
  • Work with already existing pet products.


We ask potential distributors to email us their company profile, internet website and additional information or contact the marketing manager of ARAVA.

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