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Mane & Tail Easy Combing Conditioner Galon

Mane & Tail Easy Combing Conditioner

קוד: 7290013192677

For Horses

The delightful way to brush and comb matted and tangled Mane & Tail hair. Remarkable formula that deep conditions, relieves matting and tangling problems, leaves hair with high sheen, silky feel. beautiful body, fullness, resiliency and texture.


Active ingredients:

Shea Butter, Coconut, Palm Kernel, Wheatgerm, Sweet Almond, Macadamia nut, Castor,Grapeseeds & Dead Sea Minerals


Directions for Use:

Apply generous amount to freshly washed Mane & Tail and allow soaking for 10 minutes. Avoid contact with eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, then brush and comb periodically until mane & tail is completely dry. This can be repeated as often as necessary.


Available in:

1 liter – 33.31 fl oz Code:7290013192677

4 liters – 135.35 fl oz Code:7290013192899