An essential oil is the fragrance of the plant. Each plant has its characteristic scent according to its dominant component. The oil is comprised of dozens to hundreds of different substances, found in different parts of the plant – in the roots, stem, flowers, and the fruit.

The benefits of the oil are very significant to the body but no less so for the actual plant. In fact, the essential oil is synthesized for the good of the plant and for its continued existence.

The main roles of the essential oil are to attract or repel insects and birds and to protect the plant.

These same essential oils have therapeutic properties for a living body. In the past, oil was produced mainly for perfume production and body care. Even back then, the plants’ fragrance was known affect to feelings, and soothe, groom, and beautify the skin and hair. Over the years, the healing properties of the essential oils were discovered. This is how these aromatic oils assumed their important role in herbal medicine, medicinal products, and of course in Aromatherapy, which is the practice of using aromatic oils for healing purposes.

Essential oils have a wide variety of modern uses, such as disinfectant, treating inflammation, antibacterial, killing cancerous cells, analgesic, stimulating and invigorating different bodily systems, storing water, strengthening cell membranes, anti-convulsive, relaxing and contracting smooth muscles, balancing hormonal activity, use in organic agriculture, and more.
In general

It is important to check not only what the plant component is, but also the percentage contained in the product, and to verify that it has undergone extraction and concentration processes that protect its beneficial properties. It’s all a matter of degree. It’s possible to preserve the beneficial properties of the plant Essential Oils, even when they are integrated in other components but it involves a lengthy and expensive process. When you use plants, it’s important to ensure an accurate amount and the right combination of additional ingredients in the preparation, in order to preserve the effectiveness for which the plant Essential Oil was included.
Current technologies are highly advanced and they enable the plant to be extracted effectively.

Essential oils are the only natural ingredients that penetrate the layers of the epidermis and act on the cells and tissues of the skin and on the hair fibers

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