Poudre d'oreille Bio-Antiseptique

קוד: 7290013192462


Provides relief from itching and irritation Helps remove excess hair and keep dog’s ears dry, clean and healthy.

Eliminates unpleasant ear odors.

Relieve your pet's irritating ear itch and help prevent bacterial and fungal growth by keeping ear canals dry.


Hydrated silica, Iodoform, Boric Acid, Colophonium (Rosin), Calcium carbonate, Aloe Vera.

Directions for Use:

After thoroughly cleaning your pet's ears with Bio Enzymatic Ear Cleaner , dry them completely. Then, simply hold the Ear Powder about an inch from your pet's ears and squeeze directly into the ear. In severe cases treat daily. 

Weekly applications will help keep your pet’s ears in good condition.


Available in:

120ml – 4.06 fl oz Code: 7290013192462


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